In order to make sure that all participants are safe and in order to give everyone participating a sense of security, please consider the following:

Material Maintenance
Before every camp, make sure that you check the functional efficiency and security of the material. In order to differentiate construction material from climbing material (like harness etc.) it is helpful to mark the materials differently (e.g. colored tape) and to explain the markings at the beginning of the camp. At the end of each day, make sure that all material is brought back in the storage so that it won’t get lost, lounge around or get damaged.

Always make sure that you wear appropriate clothing at the construction site: long trousers; solid footwear (closed shoes); gloves (you will not be able to avoid natural resin). In addition, do not wear any scarfs and rings in order to avoid the risk to get hurt while working with and at the rope.

Separation of Work and Leisure
Work at the construction site is quite strenuous. That is why it is important to give each participant enough time to relax. Make sure that all the times that are assigned to be breaks and daily quitting times are actually held as such. Working sites and recreation spaces should be seperated. That also means that eating on the construction site is a “don’t”. Please be aware that especially on the third day of a camp the participants might be tired and inattentive. Make sure that they keep working attentively and stay aware of all the securtiy rules.

Four Eyes Principle
Four eyes see more than two eyes, which is why you should always apply the Four Eyes Principle. In order to avoid mistakes, it is always important to check all relevant aspects with two persons – optically and haptically.

Partner Check
At the beginning of the camp, introduce the concept of partner check, which means that all participants check each other at the beginning of each working day before climbing on a tree and/or platform. Make sure that the climbing harness cannot slip above the hips, that the leg loops have an appropriate size and that the carbines are placed properly and closed. Always check optically and haptically.

Construction Method
Horizontal platforms are very important for the sense of security of the participants. (lookt at LINK Construction) Because the Treehouse is being constructed over a longer period of time, it is important that the leaders keep an overview about the projects which have not been finished at the end of a working day and need to be finished during the next day. Unfinished sites are always a security risk.

Security with Knots Sicherheit bei den Knoten
It is important that knots are fastened properly. MUSS NOCH GEÄNDERT WERDEN It gives a sense of security Es ist darauf zu achten, dass die Knoten ordentlich gelegt sind. Es vermittelt Sicherheit, wenn der Knoten allein vom äußeren Erscheinungsbild eine “saubere Sache” ist.
Additionally, it is helpful to define a standard at the beginning of the camp on how to fasten knots (e.g. Kreisbund). If all knots are fastened coherently, it will be much easier to check whether they are fastened correctly. Especially at the start of a camp, the most important knots (at the supporting exterior beams) should be checked.

Sitting in the Climbing Harness
In order to avoid a Hängetrauma (suspension trauma) while sitting in the climbing harness, it is important to ask the participants regularly how they are. At the beginning of a camp participants should be reminded to stand up every once in a while (in a footstrap).

In case of humid and/or wet weather, please be aware of danger of slipping on the woods.